Coronavirus in Iran

Coronavirus Outbreak: 70,000 prisoners released due to rising cases of coronavirus in Iran


Coronavirus Outbreak: On Monday, 70 thousand prisoners have been temporarily released, in view of the figures of hundreds of new infractions of Coronavirus on Monday and the death of dozens of people across the country.


Within the last 24 hours, 595 new cases of infractions were reported in Iran, while 43 people died. A spokesman for Iran’s Health Ministry said that after this death, the number of people infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19) has increased to 7,161 so far, while the death toll has risen to 237.

After China, the authorities most affected by the disease where Iran is fighting a nationwide battle to fight it, meanwhile, Judicial Chief Ibrahim Raisi has announced the temporary release of prisoners.

According to the Judaiser’s Mizan news site, Raisi said that the release of the prisoners will remain until they create insecurity for the society. He did not give any information about when those prisoners would be sent back to jail.

Iranian officials have been fearing the infusion to spread during Navruz. The new year begins in Iran from March 20 and during this time people go on holiday to new places across the country.

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