Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: A Suspected Patient Infected By Coronavirus (Covid19) Died in Leh, One Admit in Hospital


Coronavirus Outbreak: A case of death of a suspected patient of coronavirus has been reported in Leh. Three suspected patients were admitted to SNM Hospital, Leh, one is kept on the isolate, while the reports of one of the samples came back negative. Meanwhile, a suspected patient died and reports of his samples are yet to come.


However, there is no history of contact with Leh among the three suspected patients. Vigilance has been increased in the Union Territory of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir in view of suspected patients. Meanwhile, the process of returning local students from Wuhan, China to Jammu and Kashmir continues.

All hospitals have been alerted following the death of a suspected patient in Leh. There is a special focus on patients suffering from the symptoms of coronavirus. In this, all necessary samples are being taken by trained staff of suspected patients. Leh’s health director Phunchok Angchok said that the patient who died has not had any history from China. He was suffering from a general malaise.


Apart from this, other suspected patients also had no contact with China. All necessary arrangements have been made by the Health Directorate. At the same time, students returning from Wuhan are being kept in isolation at home for 14 days.

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In this, the surveillance teams of Health Directorate Kashmir / Jammu are monitoring all the students twice a day. Meanwhile, two more students have returned from Wuhan in Jammu. All the students returning from Wuhan are found to be negative.

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