Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus Outbreak: Air Force Globemaster arrives in India with 58 people from Iran


Coronavirus Outbreak: Air Force aircraft have arrived in Iran with Indians stranded in the havoc of Coronavirus in Iran. The plane flew from Tehran to Hindon Airbase of Ghaziabad. Corona has caused havoc in the whole world. Iran has the highest number of infections after China and Italy due to this epidemic spreading from China to the whole world. So far 237 people have died in Iran.

The flight was over yesterday, 58 Indians were brought back today


Let me tell you that the Indian Air Force aircraft C-17 Globe Master flew at 8 pm last night to take back the Indians stranded in Iran amid the havoc of Corona in Iran. This aircraft has returned with the first group of 58 Indians this morning.


This plane took off from Tehran Airport. The landing of the aircraft took place at Hindon Airbase of Ghaziabad. It is being told that 58 of these Indians went to Iran for a religious visit. The family members of these people had requested Foreign Minister S Jaishankar for their return.

The total number of infected persons in Iran has crossed 7000. Significantly, so far 237 people have died due to Coronavirus in Iran. Apart from this, about 70 thousand prisoners in Iran have also been released from many jails of Iran due to the havoc of Corona.


Coronavirus cases increase in India

The number of people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) in India now stands at 46. The latest case is from Pune. The report of two people who returned from Dubai in Pune has come back positive. In Kerala, a three-year-old child has also been found infected with Covid-19.


Thus, after 3 new cases, 46 people in India are corona positive. Let us tell you that in Parliament House too, full arrangements have been made to deal with the corona. The entry of large groups has been banned in the audience gallery in Parliament.

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