Coronavirus Symptoms and Precautions

Coronavirus Outbreak: Awareness Regarding Coronavirus Symptoms and Precautions


Coronavirus Outbreak: The coronavirus has caused panic within the country as well, however, prevention is the only solution. So we should know what precautions to take to avoid coronavirus infection and what symptoms it may cause.


The health department took into action after the first suspected case of coronavirus from North India in VIP City, Mohali. On Monday, a person from Mohali was referred to PGI Chandigarh as suspected of Coronavirus. Where he’s undergoing treatment within the isolation ward. Samples of that affected person have been sent to Pune, from where it’ll take three days to get the report.

There have been five suspected circumstances of coronavirus in Haryana. Of these, two have been present in Gurugram, one in Faridabad, one in Noah and one in Panipat. This affected person is under the supervision of the health department. However, the Health Department has not confirmed the sufferers affected by this virus. But the health department has issued an alert relating to this virus.


What are Coronavirus symptoms

Symptoms of coronavirus are similar to swine flu. As a result of this infection, problems like the runny nose, fever, cold, shortness of breath, severe headache, pneumonia, bronchitis, and sore throat arise.

Where did the virus start spreading

The virus first started to spread from Wuhan, China. After this, sufferers affected by this are also found in Thailand, Singapore, Japan. Recently in England, there were details about a family within the grip of this virus.

Pets can be infected with coronavirus

Pets can become infected with the coronavirus. According to the 2011 study, cats may have infectious peritonitis. We should avoid direct contact with pets because a pantropic canine coronavirus can infect cats and dogs.

Take necessary precautions

Clean your hands with cleaning soap or water or alcohol hand rub. Cover your nostrils and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow whereas coughing or sneezing. We Should not contact with the people who are suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms. Cook meats and eggs properly before consuming them. Do not make insecure contact with wild and farm animals.

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Do not go to a crowded place, particularly keep away from the one that has traveled from China. Wash vegetables and fruits completely before eating. Avoid traveling in countries or locations where the disease has spread. So we have to avoid touching anything or shaking our hands in public places and public transport equipment.

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