Coronavirus in Britain

Coronavirus Outbreak: Britain’s health minister hit by the Covid19 infection


Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus infection has spread all over the world so that even ordinary people and ministers are not able to escape from its outbreak. Britain’s Health Department minister Nadine Dorries has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. The Conservative MP said, “I can confirm that I have been found positive in the coronavirus investigation and have isolated myself at home.”


She said that the health authorities are now trying to find out where she got infected and the people who came in contact with her. Doris is the first UK leader to be infected with Covid-19. According to The Times-News, she had been in contact with hundreds of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. She fell ill on Friday. It is being told that she is recovering from the disease. Referring to Britain’s National Health Service, the minister said, “I would like to thank the NHS personnel who gave me advice and support.”

Talking about coronavirus in India, eight in Kerala, three cases of infection with coronavirus were confirmed in Karnataka and Pune in Maharashtra on Tuesday. Thus, the total number of infected persons in the country has increased to 61.

However, the Health Ministry said that the total number of confirmed cases is 50, while the remaining are being re-examined for confirmation. According to the news agency Bhasha, this number will increase to 61 if new cases declared by the state governments are counted.

In Karnataka, Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said that a total of four persons have been confirmed to be infected with Coronavirus, of which three are new cases. Let me tell you that in the morning, a military transport aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) returned with 58 Indian nationals from Iran involved in Coronavirus affected countries.

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