Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Coronavirus Outbreak: China Accuses To America of Spreading Fear Rather Than Helping


Coronavirus: Surgical masks and medical supplies are scarce in China battling the coronavirus and are urgently needed. More than 17 thousand people in China have been infected by Coronavirus, which has killed more people than SARS in 2002. On Monday, the number of people who died from it reached 360. People in a country with a population of 1.4 billion are collecting surgical masks in their homes out of fear. Here, China has accused the US of creating an atmosphere of fear and fear rather than helping to deal with the disease.


Chinese companies manufacturing surgical masks can make two crore surgical masks daily if they work at full capacity, but they are currently producing 60 to 70 percent. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Shunving said, “China is most in need of surgical masks, special suits to protect against conjunctions and colored spectacles.”

The Foreign Ministry reported that South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Hungary have sent medical aid. Here, China’s Ministry of Industry is trying to get surgical masks from Europe, Japan, and America. The major reason for the lack of surgical masks is that apart from Hubei, the most affected by the coronavirus, several other provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Shijuan, Jiangxi have made it mandatory to wear it in public places.


America accused of spreading fear

The Chinese government has pointed fingers at the US for worsening economic and diplomatic conditions caused by the virus. A State Department spokesman said that instead of helping the US, it is creating an atmosphere of fear and fear. Explain that due to trade disputes, relations between China and America have been tense for the last one year. The United States was the first country to ban Chinese travelers and reduce its embassy staff in China when the coronavirus was an outbreak.

Heavy fall in stock market

The effect of the coronavirus is now beginning to be seen in the economic and diplomatic sectors. On Monday, the Chinese stock market witnessed a huge sell-off and the Shanghai Composite Index also fell about 8 percent, it is highest in a year. This resulted in a loss of $ 445 billion to investors. The Chinese currency yuan also recorded a sharp decline on Monday and lost nearly 1.5 percent of its value against the dollar. China’s central bank tried to stem the decline by raising $ 173.8 billion (Rs 12 lakh crore) in cash in the market, but it also did not have much effect.

China was isolated and airlines resumed from Pakistan

Wuhan and some other cities, which have suffered the most from the virus, are completely isolated. The movement of people from these cities is almost completely closed. Many countries have reduced their airlines in China and have banned travelers from coming from there. Bangladesh on Sunday imposed a temporary moratorium on the visa-on-arrival facility for Chinese citizens. Instructions have been issued not to hire Chinese citizens in the country. India also suspended the e-visa facility for Chinese citizens on Sunday. Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Mozambique have already imposed visa restrictions on Chinese citizens. However, Pakistan on Monday resumed its flights from China. He banned his airlines in China until 2 February after the Coronavirus collision surfaced.

Holidays over, fear of virus spreading widely

After the end of the Lunar New Year holiday in the country, the fear of the further spread of the coronavirus has started haunting the local people. After the end of the holidays, people will travel from one place to another and reach their place of work. Which can also speed up the spread of the virus. Due to fear, people are keeping an eye on the visitors around them. A special look is on those who have come from Wuhan. Rewards have been announced in many places to give information about people who came from Wuhan. Please tell that the coronavirus originated from Wuhan itself.

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Honda’s plants will remain closed till February 13

Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company’s three-car plant in Wuhan will remain closed until February 13. The company had earlier told that the plant would resume work from February 14, but on Monday the company spokesperson said that the instructions of the local administration in the matter would be followed. Therefore, nothing can be said about when the plants will start functioning again. Please tell that the provincial government of Hubei has extended the Lunar New Year holidays till 13 February.

Hospital ready in 10 days, treatment of patients started

A new hospital in China has been prepared to combat the coronavirus and treatment of patients has also started. The construction of this 1000-bed hospital was completed in Wuhan in just 10 days and on Monday, the first batch of patients arrived here for treatment. There are 30 intensive care units in the two-storeyed hospital built in an area of ​​about 60 thousand sq ft. All modern facilities have been installed in it. This is the second time that an overnight hospital has been set up in China to deal with a disease. In 2003, a similar hospital was built in Beijing for SARS patients.

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