Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: Emergency meeting in the European Union to prevent COVID19


Coronavirus Outbreak: The European Union (EU) organized an emergency meeting to discuss the coronavirus (COVID19) epidemic and to prevent the virus from spreading to Europe. At a meeting on Thursday (13 February), European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Affairs Stella Kyriakidou warned ministers in a meeting in Brussels that ‘viruses do not know any limits’, according to news agency EFE.

Emergency Meeting in EU to Prevent Coronavirus
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“This Coronavirus outbreak highlights the urgent need for closer cooperation and coordination across Europe and beyond,” he said. He said that coordination within the European Union is important for dealing with the virus, including sharing information and cooperation between countries.

Stella said that flights from China require uniform border control at airports, where 99 percent of cases have been reported. There have been 50 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 11 European countries, with Germany, France, and Britain particularly affected. Brussels has refused to enforce boundaries within the Schengen area. Stella said that there is a need to secure freedom of movement in the European Union.


He reported that EU representatives are working to establish ‘an expert information exchange protocol’ and on Wednesday (12 February) held their first video conference with Chinese experts. Health ministers from the 27 member states of the European Union shared the latest information about the status of their respective nations and the steps being taken to deal with this Coronavirus outbreak.

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Officials said that as of Friday (February 14), the total number of deaths due to fatal coronaviruses in China has risen to 1,380, compared to 63,851 confirmed cases of coronavirus. According to WHO’s Head of Health Emergency Program, Dr. Michael Ryan, there has been one death each in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Japan, with 505 cases reported in 24 countries outside China.

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