Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran

Coronavirus Outbreak: Iran rapidly infected by Covid19, the death toll reached 50


Coronavirus Outbreak: Iran is also fast approaching the coronavirus infection. The death toll has reached 50 here. The city of Qom is the most affected here. This information was given by the semi-official news agency ILNA on Monday.


However, on Monday morning, the death toll was said to be 12, which reached 50 by the evening. QOM official Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani said more than 250 people have been kept away from the populated area in the city.

The city of Qom is a popular place of religious study for Shia people from other countries, including Iran. He claimed that by February 13, there had been 50 deaths from the novel Coronavirus (Covid19). However, the first death was officially confirmed on 19 February.

Concerned about Iran’s situation: WHO

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday expressed concern over the rapid spread of the virus. He said that we are worried about the situation in Iran and Italy. Most schools in Iran have been closed.

Mayor also infected

Iran has confirmed coronavirus cases in five cities, including the capital Tehran. Those infected include the mayor of Tehran, who has been kept in solitude as a precautionary measure.

Cases increased after the election

Cases of the virus in Iran were limited to coma at first, but in the parliamentary election held on Friday, it quickly spread across the country after a large number of people left their homes and met each other.

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Resolve not to hide data

The Government of Iran has resolved that it will be transparent about the Corona figures in the country. He is accused of hiding the figures. Government Spokesperson Ali Rabee told the press conference that we will announce the available statistics about the death across the country.

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