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Coronavirus Outbreak: More Than 9,800 People Are Affected Worldwide, 213 Deaths So Far


Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus spread from China has infected more than 9,800 people worldwide. China has confirmed 9,692 cases in the mainland as of Friday evening. In addition, 12 cases have been reported in Hong Kong and five in Macau. The coronavirus has killed 213 people of which the majority of deaths in the Hubei province of China. A new form of coronavirus was detected in December in the same province.


Coronavirus cases in different countries: –

Thailand: 19
Japan: 16
Singapore: 16
Taiwan: 9
Malaysia: 8
Australia: 8
South Korea: 11
France: 6
Vietnam: 5
America: 6
Germany: 6
Canada: 3
United Arab Emirates: 4
Russia: 2
Eataly: 2
England: 2
India: 1
Philippines: 1
Finland: 1
Nepal: 1
Cambodia: 1
Sri Lanka: 1


Special centers set up in Delhi and Haryana

The ITBP has set up a 600-bed special center at Chawla Camp in outer Delhi to provide basic medical services to those suspected of coronavirus. At the same time, the army has made arrangements for checking and caring for 300 students coming from Wuhan in Manesar, Haryana.

ITBP spokesperson Vivek Kumar Pandey told that a team of doctors will be present in this 600-bed center. Food, water, and basic services will be provided to the people to be kept here. Special arrangements have been made for children and women. Passengers from China will be brought directly from the airport here.

So declared a health emergency

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhonom Gebreyes said that the main reason for declaring a global emergency is because people in countries outside China are infected with the virus. The biggest concern is that the virus can spread to countries with weak healthcare systems. On Thursday, by calling an emergency meeting in Geneva, the WHO declared the outbreak of a health disaster.

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Six suspects hospitalized in Delhi

Six people have been admitted to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi on suspicion of being infected with the coronavirus. They have been kept under intense surveillance in separate wards and awaiting investigation report. Five of these people contacted the hospital themselves. Of the five men, the 24-year-old woman has been living in China since 2015 and returned to India on January 29.

The four men return to India on 23 January, one of whom is 45 years old. Another 35-year-old man has been living in China for the past seven years and returned to India on 28 January. At the same time, the infected female student in Kerala has been shifted from Thrissur Medical College to Government Hospital.

There is increasing danger around the world

  • Italy declared an emergency after receiving two infected patients
  • Pakistan prohibits flights to and from China till February 2
  • Indonesia bans workers from going to China-controlled company
  • 18 suspects returned from China hospitalized in Korea
  • UK plane departs from Wuhan to own country with taking 110 people
  • Japan tells its citizens not to make non-essential travel to China

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