Free Apps That Can Help For Work From Home Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: Use these free Apps for Work From Home, work will be easy


People in Coronavirus infected countries around the world, including India, are escaping from their homes amidst increasing cases of coronavirus. Apart from the governments of these countries, the WHO has also advised staying away from crowded areas. For this reason, malls, cinemas, schools, and colleges have been closed in many countries.


People have also been asked to work from home in private offices. If you too are working from home, then some online free tools can make your work from home easier. Let us tell you which free apps and free software can make your work from home easy.

Most private offices have their own internal communication apps. But if you are doing work from home, then Google’s Hangouts can be the best free app for you. Through this app, you can stay connected while working with all the co-workers of your office. When you log in with your office account in the Hangouts, all the contacts will also be automatically synced. In such a situation, you can easily message your co-workers and continue your work.


Apart from this, the most used Free App is – Slack. Like Slack Google Hangouts, you will be easily available in both desktop and mobile places. In this, you can also have a personal chat with the people working in your office. Apart from this, there are also different teams and groups of departments. This app proves to be very beneficial for team communication too.

You can also use Facebook’s Work Place for Work From Home. In the workplace too, you will get different team groups and personal chat options. It is user-friendly compared to other apps because its interface is exactly like Facebook. In this case, you can use it easily.

On the other hand, if you want to use an app for Work List or Memo, then Google Keep and Trello can be much better for this. Google Keep is very easy to use the app. At the same time, Trello gives you a lot of options in creating a worklist. Apart from this, Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slider are the easiest options for your work from home.

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