Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Outbreak: WHO Declared International Emergency on Coronavirus and Advised To Use Mask


Coronavirus Outbreak: After China, coronavirus has now reached 17 countries of the world. Each of its patients has been found in India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. In such a situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an international emergency in view of this. However, earlier WHO advised people to wear masks. At the same time, the death toll of this dangerous virus in China has reached 213.


Special aircraft left to bring Indians stranded in Wuhan

Air India’s 423-seater B747 aircraft has been flown from Delhi to Wuhan Airport on Friday at 12:30 pm to bring back Indian citizens from there due to the threat of coronavirus in China. Officials said five doctors and a paramedic from the Ministry of Health were on the plane.


Air India CMD Ashwani Lohani told that today at least 400 Indians will be brought from Wuhan, China by Air India flight. The aircraft will return by 2 pm tomorrow. After reaching India, further arrangements will be made for the passengers by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

Lohani said that no service would be provided to passengers on the plane. Whatever foods will be there will be kept in the seat pocket. There will also be no interaction between crew members and passengers. He said that masks have been arranged for crew members and passengers. We have also provided safety cover for the crew members.

The aircraft will stop at Wuhan Airport for two-three hours. The government had contacted 600 Indian people living in the Hubei province of China to seek their return. In Wuhan, Hubei province, the virus is most affected.

WHO declared an international emergency

The WHO had advised all the country’s governments that masks are not necessary for everyone. If someone suffers from respiratory problems. There is difficulty in coughing or other types of breathing. If you are around a breath patient or a health worker. These people can wear masks.

People who do not have respiratory problems do not even need masks. Typically, whenever the incidence of such infections comes to the fore, sales of masks in the market reach a peak. Everyone buys a wide range of expensive and inexpensive masks ranging from N95.

Offers are also offered on the online sale of masks in India. Health experts even say that people become absolutely panic and they think that if they apply masks, they will survive. Whereas most people do not need masks nor fear of getting infected.

Even after this, if someone wants to apply a mask, then it is necessary that his mouth and nose are completely covering the mask. Single-use masks should not be reused once used. When removing the mask, after that wash the hands well. If cough or water comes out from the nose, clean it with a clean tissue and clean hands even after throwing it.

This is the situation of the virus in the world

As of 30 January, a total of 7711 cases of coronavirus have been reported worldwide, of which 170 people have died. Apart from China, the coronavirus has reached 21 countries in the world. One case each has been reported in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Finland, Angola, and Cambodia.

While five cases have been registered in Thailand (14), Singapore (10), Japan (08), Malaysia (07), Australia and the USA. Seven patients have been reported in France, South Korea, Germany and UAE, two each in Vietnam and Canada, Hong Kong (10), Taiwan (08) and Macao.

Coronavirus also arrived in Tibet

The first case of coronavirus was also reported on Thursday in Tibet. It is being told that this person returned from the Hubei province of China is infected with Corona. Coronavirus has now reached several countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, India, Tibet.

Coronavirus knocked in India, Kerala student found positive

Coronavirus, which is killing people in China, has now knocked in India too. A student from Kerala has received the coronavirus positive. This student studies in Wuhan, China. On Thursday, the student’s sample in the laboratory of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in Pune was stunned after coming positive.

Soon, the central and state teams are busy in rescue operations. Director of Pune-based ICMR-NIV, Dr. Priya Abraham said that 49 samples have been examined in her place so far. Out of these, only one sample student of Kerala has got positive. This student was studying in Wuhan, China.

After the coronavirus is confirmed, another test has started. It can be reported by Friday afternoon. He also informed that every day 9 to 10 samples are reaching the lab for testing. In response to a question, he said that samples of all three patients from RML Hospital in Delhi have been negative.

On the other hand, after getting positive from Kerala student, there was a lot of stir in Delhi too. The high-level committee of the Union Health Ministry was busy at the meeting. Senior officials from other ministries and states were also involved in these meetings. The Chief Secretary of all states has also been given important orders related to the Coronavirus through video conferencing.

It is necessary to check the visitors after January 15

In the instructions given to the Chief Secretaries, after January 15, all the people who came to India from China should be immediately examined, all of them should be kept locked in the houses for at least 14 days, this time to bring awareness to postpone the visit to China. Apart from this, vigilance should be increased at the tourist point through better surveillance.

Village Panchayats should be resorted to to make people aware of villages. All states should appoint control rooms, nodal centers, and nodal officers. All information related to the prevention of coronavirus in local languages should be communicated to the people.

Delhi AIIMS will also be investigated now

The Union Ministry of Health has decided that samples from Pune laboratories are reaching out to many from across the country. That is why, from Thursday, Delhi Laboratories, including AIIMS, have started investigations. Apart from Delhi AIIMS, NIV Bangalore, Victoria Hospital Bangalore, NCDC Delhi, Kasturba Hospital Mumbai, and Kerala based NIV Laboratory.

Coronavirus will be investigated here also from today

From Friday, samples of patients suspected of coronavirus will also be examined in the laboratories of ICMR-NICED Kolkata, GMC Syncrabad, KGMU Lucknow, SMS Jaipur, IGGMC Nagpur, and KIPMR Chennai.

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