Coronavirus in Singapore

Coronavirus: People in Singapore Rushes To Buy Condoms Amidst Fear of Covid19


Coronavirus: After China, Singapore also suffered from coronavirus (Covid19). As of February 12, a total of 47 cases have been reported. The local government on February 7 announced the ‘State of Disease Explosion Response System’ (DORSCON) orange alert.


Addressing the country, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appealed to the people to remain vigilant. After that, there was a huge crowd at the store to buy the necessary items. People started collecting rice, toilet paper, tissue boxes, and masks.

Meanwhile, it was also rumored that condoms were effective in preventing Corona, so people started buying condoms. The condoms ended unexpectedly from the medical store. On social media, people are describing condoms as the most effective way to protect coronavirus. People are seen wearing condoms to open the car door by pressing the lift button.


Let us know that in China, the number of people dying due to the destruction of the coronary virus is increasing every moment, and now the number of people who die as a result has increased to 1631. In the last two days, 14 people died from the disease. Chinese health officials said this on Saturday.

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The maximum terror of the Coronavirus is seen in China’s Hubei province. In Hubei province, which has become the epicenter of the novel coronavirus, the disease infects 2420 new people. The National Health Mission of China reported that 139 people died of coronavirus in Hubei province on Friday.

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