PM Modi Will Address The Nation on Coronavirus

Coronavirus: PM Modi Will Address The Nation Once Again At 8 pm Tonight


New Delhi: The deadly coronavirus is wreaking panic in the country. So far, 511 people have been caught in the country. Central and state governments have taken several major decisions to protect against this virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also constantly making the public aware of this deadly virus. In such a situation, PM Modi will again address the nation at 8 pm tonight. 10 people have died due to this deadly coronavirus in the country so far.


PM Modi himself tweeted information

PM Narendra Modi has given information by tweeting and said, “I will share some important things with the countrymen regarding the rising outbreak of Coronavirus, a global pandemic. Today, 24 March I will address the country at 8 pm.”


Let me tell you that before this, PM Modi also addressed the nation on 19 March. In his address to the nation, PM Modi on 22 March appealed to impose public curfew in the country. At the same time, PM Modi had said that people should cheer and greet the doctors in this time of trouble by playing thali and bell from the balcony of their house at five o’clock in the evening.

511 Covid-19 cases, 10 deaths in the country

Let us know that the number of fatal coronavirus patients in India has increased to 511. Yesterday 103 patients appeared. So far 10 people have died due to the virus. More than 100 people are infected in Maharashtra. Two people have died here so far.

After Maharashtra, 60 people have been infected with deadly coronavirus in Kerala, while there has not been a single death reported. To prevent this deadly coronavirus, 30 states have been locked down completely. Curfew has been imposed in Punjab, Maharashtra, and Chandigarh. There is strictness like curfew in Delhi too.

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