Coronavirus: Robot to sanitize hands and give medicines to COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus: Robot to sanitize hands and give medicines to COVID-19 patients


Engineering students are also supporting the fight against the coronavirus. Students at Sharda University have developed a robot that can deliver medicines to patients along with the work of hospitals sanitizer. This robot is capable of lifting weights from 5 to 10 kg. It is expected that this robot will be used in the isolation ward at Sharda University.


The whole world is engaged in dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic. Every effort is being made to defeat COVID-19 in our country too. Engineering students are also engaged in this effort. Students in the Department of Computer Science at Sharda University have designed a robot that is able to help the medical staff. The students have done this work under the supervision of their HOD Nitin Rakesh.

Nishant Sharma, a second-year student of Computer Science and Atul Kumar, a student of the Department of Electronics, has prepared it. It is a walking robot. This battery-powered robot will be remotely controlled. The students said that they have been working on it for the last year. Some modifications were made after the coronavirus became active, enabling it to support the medical team.

This robot has a sanitizer jet fitted. As soon as someone moves their hands, this robot will give a sanitizer in his hands. This will not require any staff for this work. Also, it is capable of delivering goods to others. HOD Nitin Rakesh claimed that it is capable of carrying the goods to another place. It can be used inwards of hospitals. This will carry medicines to the patients. This will provide relief to the medical staff. It will be able to deal with infections like coronavirus.

Two students from Sharda University have created a moving robot. It is capable of sanitization and giving medicines to patients. If needed, its services will be availed in the isolation ward for COVID-19 patients. -Dr. Ajit Kumar, Joint Registrar Sharda University

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