Telangana KCR government's decision to cut salary up to 75 percent

Coronavirus: Telangana KCR government’s decision to cut salary up to 75 percent due to the economic crisis


Telangana: In view of the economic crisis due to Coronavirus and the state exchequer, K Chandrasekhar Rao, the KCR government of Telangana, has taken a drastic and big step and decided to cut the salary of all the ministers, MLAs, officials, employees of the state by up to 75 percent. The Telangana government has reduced the pension of up to 50 percent in the pension of former employees and officers who get a pension. It has been decided to reduce the salary of class 4 employees or the pension of retired group 4 employees by 10 percent.


In a high-level meeting on Monday, Chief Minister KCR in Hyderabad has taken this decision in view of the state’s poor financial condition. The statement issued from the CM office said that the salary of the Chief Minister, all ministers, MLAs, MLCs, chairman of the state government corporation, representatives of urban and local bodies have been reduced by 75%. Apart from these, it has been decided to cut the salary of 60% of the salary of officers of All India Service like IAS, IPS, IFS.

The KCR government’s pay cut decision will also hit the state service officers, employees, and teachers, whose salary has been cut by 50 percent. It has been decided to cut the salary of class 4 employees like a peon, sweeper, driver by just 10 percent. The government has also reduced the pension of retired employees. Apart from Class 4, the pension of retired employees or officers of all other services has been cut by 50%. The government has said that the salary of the staff working in the state government corporation or other departments will be cut on this basis.

How long salary and pension will be deducted, not clear yet

How long will this decision of the salary cut of the Telangana government remain in force, the situation is not clear on this question yet. It is believed that at present, this salary cut order will be effective for the salary coming on 1 April. A formal order of pay cut by the state government can be issued on Tuesday, which will make it clear that this decision to cut salary and pension is only for one month or for few months to come.

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