Iseril Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Coronavirus Update: Israeli researchers have developed the Coronavirus vaccine, patients will get medicine soon


Coronavirus Vaccine: The coronavirus which has become an epidemic has wreaked havoc all over the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the novel coronavirus an epidemic. Many people have died due to this epidemic, while many people are still battling after getting caught by this virus. Amid this fear, news has come to the public about the relief from Coronavirus.


Amidst the panic of Coronavirus, a country has claimed that it has developed a vaccine for a deadly disease like Coronavirus. Not only this, but it is also being said that soon the vaccine consignment is likely to be sent to all the infected countries.

Coronavirus Vaccine
Coronavirus Vaccine | Image: Reuters

It is being told that scientists of Israel’s Institute for Biological Research have broken this dangerous disease. Scientists at the institute have claimed that the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have been made and it will soon get official recognition.


At the same time, Israel’s Defense Minister Naftali Bennett says that by doing research on the coronavirus, our scientists have understood the nature of the virus. At the same time, by studying closely about the biological mechanism of coronavirus, it has been successful in identifying it.

Israel’s Ministry of Defense told a local newspaper, Ha’aretz, that it took time to develop a deterrent to the coronavirus, but its use could soon be successful. He says that more than 50 experienced scientists in the institute are engaged in the work of making the vaccine for the virus.

They say that a systematic action plan to find a coronavirus vaccine or test kit will be done according to the plan. A report states that the development process of the coronavirus requires a series of tests and experiments that help vaccination to be effective and safe.

Israeli Researchers Developed Coronavirus Vaccine
Novel Coronavirus | Image: Reuters

According to the information, to make vaccines of coronavirus, many tests had to go through. In this, new medicines have been used first on animals and then on humans. During this, studies are also being done to investigate the effects and side effects of the vaccine.

After this, the vaccine will be sent to the Chinese medicine regulator and the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA). The vaccine will then be sent for the World Health Organization (WHO) approval for recognition. After this, the vaccine can be sent to Corona affected countries.

Media reports say that 3 weeks ago, 5 shipments of coronavirus samples from Japan, Italy and other countries were delivered to Israel. After which it was brought to the Institute for Biological Research. Here, scientists have prepared the vaccine after studying the samples.

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