Covid-19: 34 people died in the country from Coronavirus in 24 hours, 1229 new cases; Total patients close to 22000 and 686 deaths

Covid-19: 34 people died in the country from Coronavirus in 24 hours, 1229 new cases; Total patients close to 22000 and 686 deaths


New Delhi: The number of people infected with the Coronavirus epidemic, including foreign nationals in India, has increased to 21,700 on Thursday (23 April). In the data released on Thursday evening, the Health Ministry said that 686 deaths have occurred due to Covid-19 infection in the country and currently 16,689 persons are infected with the epidemic.


At the same time, 1229 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the last 24 hours, while 34 people have lost their lives due to this daedly virus. The number of such people has reached 4325 (1 migrated), with 388 people infected with coronavirus recovering in the last 24 hours.

Covid-19 killed most people in Maharashtra: According to data released by the Health Ministry on Thursday (April 23), the outbreak of coronavirus has spread to 33 states and union territories of the country. Maharashtra, the most severely affected by covid-19, has so far reported 269 deaths, while the virus has taken 81 people in Madhya Pradesh.

At the same time, due to infection in Gujarat, 103 and 21 and 48 people have died in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi respectively. “Maharashtra has the highest number of 5652 cases of coronavirus infection. This is followed by Gujarat with 2407 cases, followed by 2248. Delhi ranks third with cases.

Earlier, the success of keeping the pace of infection spread during the nationwide lockdown implemented to deal with the Corona crisis was described by the government as a major achievement. The bandh implemented in the country completed 30 days on Thursday (23 April).

Environment Secretary CK Mishra, who is chairing a group of senior officials formed by the government to deal with the corona crisis, told a regular press conference that the pace of the spread of coronavirus infection and increase in the number of infected patients in the last one month there is a continuous decline. On this basis, it can be said that the pace of the outbreak of the epidemic has remained constant.

It is noteworthy that after the implementation of ‘Janata curfew‘ on 22 March in the country on the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, the central government declared a nationwide lockdown of 25 days from March 25. Later its duration has been extended to 3 May.

Mishra gave details of the measures taken to prevent the epidemic and benefits from it during the lockdown period and that 4.5 percent of the total patients tested till March 23 had infected patients and on April 22 also the share of infected patients in the total trial It is only 4.5 percent. He said that it is clear that the spread of virus infection in the country has remained stable.

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