98 percent COVID-19 patients have a mild infection

COVID-19 good news: 98 percent Coronavirus patients have a mild infection, only 20 are on the ventilator


COVID-19: The number of people infected with the coronavirus in India may have crossed 1200, but it is a matter of relief that in 98% of these cases the infection is mild. For this reason, so far only 20 people have been required to be kept on the ventilator. According to information from sources in the Ministry of Health, on Monday when the total number of cases was 1071, a total of 20 people were put on ventilators. Due to 98 percent of cases being mild, they are being treated in the ward.


Concern has been raised since the beginning of the low number of ventilators in India compared to the population. In such a situation, this figure must be giving some relief to the government. There are currently 40 thousand ventilators in India. Recently, the Indian government has ordered to buy 10,000 ventilators. The Ministry of Defense PSU BEL has been asked to produce 30,000 ventilators in one to two months.

Number of coronavirus positive patients was 1251

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc worldwide. Thousands of new cases are coming up every day. In countries like Italy, America, Spain, the number of dead is also increasing in large numbers. So far, more than eight lakh corona positive cases have been reported worldwide.

COVID-19 cases have reached over 1200 in India too. In the last 24 hours, 227 new cases of coronavirus infected people were reported in the country. In this way, the number of COVID-19 infected has increased to 1251. Out of this, 102 people have been cured. Coronavirus cases have also increased rapidly in Delhi. On Monday (30 March), 25 new cases were reported, taking the total to 97.

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