Second Death in Kerala Due To Covid-19

Covid-19 India: A 68-year-old man passed away due to coronavirus in Kerala


Covid-19 India: Another case of death has been reported in Kerala amidst the panic caused by the coronavirus epidemic. A 68-year-old elderly person infected with the coronavirus died on Tuesday morning in Kerala. Medical Superintendent of Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram gave this information. He said that the kidney of the deceased had failed. This is the second death related to coronavirus in Kerala.


According to the Health Ministry data, one has died in Kerala earlier due to coronavirus. In Kerala, the number of coronavirus cases has so far reached 222, of which 19 people have recovered completely. According to the Health Ministry data, Kerala has the highest number of coronavirus positive cases after Maharashtra.

Coronavirus cases in India

If we talk about Coronavirus cases across the country, then this figure has reached 1251. Out of a total of 1251 cases of coronavirus in the country, 1117 cases are active and 101 people have fully recovered. At the same time, 32 people have died due to this dangerous virus. While Maharashtra tops the table with 231 cases, Kerala has 222 Covid-19 positive cases.

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