COVID-19 Cases in India

COVID-19 India: Coronavirus cases cross 3 thousand in the country, more than 65 deaths so far


COVID-19 India: The coronavirus case is increasing rapidly in the country. With more than 500 cases of infection reported in the states, the number of people infected has exceeded 3,000 and more than 65 people have died due to this deadly virus. Several cases of coronavirus have been reported in Maharashtra, Telangana, and Delhi. Government officials say the number has risen due to cases related to the Tablighi Jamaat program, which gathered thousands in Nizamuddin Markaz of the national capital last month.


However, according to the Central Health Ministry data, as of Friday, the number of coronavirus outbreaks has increased to 2547 and 68 have died due to the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, there are 2322 COVID-19 active cases out of 2547 cases and 162 patients who have been discharged from the hospital after recovering.

The Health Ministry said on Friday that a total of 647 coronavirus infections have been confirmed by those who participated in the Tablighi Jamaat religious program in Delhi’s Nizamuddin Markaz. These people belong to 14 states.

The number of people suffering from coronavirus in Delhi has risen to 386 after news of new 93 new cases has been reported. Six people died in the city due to this deadly virus. In Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, 490 and 411 infections were reported, respectively. In addition, the death toll from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh has increased.

Twenty-six people from Maharashtra and 11 from Telangana lost their lives due to the virus. According to the latest data from various states, so far 211 people have become healthier across the country.

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