COVID-19 India: PM Narendra Modi discusses leaders of political parties on Coronavirus, lockdown may be extended

COVID-19 India: PM Narendra Modi discusses leaders of political parties on Coronavirus, lockdown may be extended


COVID-19 India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directly indicated to increase the lockdown in the video conferencing of floor leaders of political parties. He said during the meeting that whatever suggestions and information are coming to him, it seems that the lockdown should be increased. It is too early to end the lockdown.


Leaders of political parties also assured the Prime Minister that he is with you in every decision. The leaders of political parties suggested to the Prime Minister that it would not be right to abruptly end the lockdown. This should be increased further and even if it is eliminated, phase-wise should be finished.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today interacted with floor leaders of political parties in Parliament through video conference. The Prime Minister said that at present the whole world is facing a serious challenge of COVID-19, saying that the present situation is the human race, It Is an epoch-making event in history and we must evolve to counter its effects. He praised the efforts of the state governments working closely with the Center in this fight against the epidemic.

The Prime Minister said that the country has done positive and positive politics with all sections to present a united front in this fight. He also praised the sense of belonging, discipline, dedication, and commitment with which every citizen is contributing to this effort, as in a social balance, public curfew or lockdown.

The Prime Minister underlined the impact of the emerging situation in the form of resource scarcity. Nevertheless, India is still one of the few countries to control the speed of the spread of the virus. He also warned that the situation changes constantly and there is a need to maintain vigilance at all times.

The Prime Minister underlined that the situation in the country is like a ‘social emergency’. The country is forced to take tough decisions, and it should be constantly vigilant. He said that many state governments, district administration, and experts have asked for an extension of the phase of lockdown.

The Prime Minister said that under these changing circumstances, the country should simultaneously try to bring changes in its work culture and working style. He said that the priority of the government is saving every life. He said that the country is facing serious economic challenges as a result of COVID-19, and the government is committed to beating them.

Top officials of the Government of India made detailed presentations on the steps being taken to meet the emerging challenges, including the status of distribution of benefits under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana.

The leaders thanked Prime Minister Modi for the meeting, praised the time-bound measures taken by them and said that the entire country is united behind them in times of crisis. He talked about boosting the health and morale of health workers, expediting testing facilities, helping small states and union territories and tackling the challenges of hunger and malnutrition. He also spoke about economic and other policy measures to increase the country’s capacity in this fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. Suggestions were made by the leaders on ending the lockdown and phased exit after the lockdown ended.

The Prime Minister thanked the leaders for their constructive suggestions and feedback, adding that their commitment to assist the government in this fight confirms the country’s democratic foundation and the spirit of cooperative federalism.

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister, senior officials of the Government of India and leaders of political parties across the country participated in the talks.

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