Prince Charles Infected With Covid-19

Covid-19 News: 71-year-old Britain’s Prince Charles infected with Coronavirus


Covid-19 News: Big news has come from Britain amidst the panic of the Coronavirus epidemic that continues around the world. Britain’s Prince Charles has been infected with the Coronavirus infection. According to news agency ANI, 71-year-old Prince Charles has been found Covid-19 positive in the test. Clarence House announced Wednesday that Prince Charles’s coronavirus test has come positive but that his health is fine.


71-year-old Prince Charles was tested for coronavirus in Scotland. Here he was with his wife Kamilla, Duchess of Cornwall, whose test has come negative.

A Clarence House spokesperson said that according to government and medical advice, the Prince and Duchess have now isolated themselves at home in Scotland. However, it is not yet known where the Prince came into contact with the coronavirus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people for at least three weeks to control the spread of Covid-19 in the country, in the wake of the coronavirus. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the death toll in the country has crossed 335.

In his address to the country, the prime minister Boris Johnson said, ‘No Prime Minister wants to put such pressure on his people but the circumstances are such that he has to restrict the movement of people and has been forced to take action against such people if more than two people were seen together. Giving a message to people to come out of their house for only the most important things, Johnson said, “Since this evening, I’ve been giving very simple instructions to the people of Britain – you stay home.”

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