COVID-19 patients in France

COVID-19 patients in France is not getting respectable death due to insufficient drugs and ventilators


France: The most affected patients of the coronavirus are admitted in critical condition in France, whose hopes of survival are almost exhausted, struggling for every breath. Due to a lack of pain-reducing medication and ventilator in this difficult time, doctors are finding themselves helpless in giving them respectable death. As the coronavirus epidemic in France is growing, medical personnel share experiences in which they made the harsh decision of whether or not to give beds of intensive care to a patient.


Professor Olivier Guerri, president of the French Gerontology and Geriatrics Society, pointed out that for some patients such treatment is useless and cruel. The team being treated in the intensive care unit has to decide who can be saved.

Professor Regis Abri, former president of the French Palliative Care Society (SFAP), working in Corona Virus unit, another hospital in the eastern part of France, said that as much as possible for a person dying without family and relatives (fearing infection) There should be an easy death. As we are struggling with an emergency, we should not forget that we are human.


The SFAP has set up a hotline to advise employees of old age homes and according to it, more than two thousand people have died since the epidemic began in France.

The Society said that more medical care should be provided in homes for palliative care (caring for people with the incurable disease), while some have demanded permission to use such drugs even outside the hospital.

Bernad Devlois, a palliative care doctor in Bordeaux, warns that the country is short of drugs called opium and midazolam, which are given to the patient at the last minute for a peaceful death. He said that the employees working in old age homes are seeing people in terrible pain.

Dr. Devlois said that severe infection of the coronavirus causes trouble in breathing. The patient should be treated with antidepressants such as alprazolam etc. provided he is able to take it through the mouth but should immediately give anesthesia in case of asphyxia.

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