Coronavirus in Italy

Covid-19: Record number of 1000 deaths in a single day due to Coronavirus in Italy, more than 86000 patients in the country


Coronavirus in Italy: The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has killed 969 people on Friday (March 27). However, the rate of infection has decreased. The Civil Protection Agency says 86,500 cases have been confirmed in Italy. This is an increase of only 7.4 percent compared to the previous day’s eight percent growth.


At the same time, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in Europe has exceeded three lakhs. More than half of these cases are from Italy (86,498) and Spain (64,059). According to official data obtained by AFP, it was Friday (March 27) in Europe. To date, 305,851 cases have been published in Europe. Out of these, 18,289 died.

Europe has become the continent most affected by the coronavirus. This is followed by the largest number of cases from Asia. So far there have been 102,043 cases out of which 3,683 have died. On the other hand, the death toll from the epidemic rose to 4858 on Friday (March 27), with 769 people infected with coronavirus (Covid-19) in Spain in the past 24 hours.

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The Ministry of Health of Spain has said that 769 people infected with coronavirus have died within the last 24 hours and 7900 new cases have been confirmed so far. As a result, the number of coronavirus infections in the country has exceeded 64000.

The ministry said in its daily update that more than 4000 patients were in critical condition and 9600 people were cured of the disease. The capital Madrid and its surrounding areas have the worst affected.

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