COVID-19: Thousands of people took to the streets of Bandra area of ​​Mumbai amid lockdown

COVID-19: Thousands of people took to the streets of Bandra area of ​​Mumbai amid lockdown


Mumbai: Amid lockdown, a large crowd gathered in Bandra, Mumbai. They were demanding to be sent back home. People complained that they have nothing to eat, so they should be sent to their village. They were asking for permission to go home. Thousands of people gathered near the Jama Masjid in front of the station of Bandra West. Most of the migrant laborers from UP and Bihar were involved in this. However, he later left after local leaders and police intervention. The police also had to lathi-charge.


Total 1753 cases of coronavirus so far in Mumbai- BMC

Let us know that Bandra has been declared a hotspot. In such a situation, the gathering of people here in such a large number is worrying. Maharashtra has the highest number of 2337 cases of coronavirus in the country. According to BMC, 204 new cases of corona have come in Mumbai today and 11 people have died. So far, 1753 cases have been confirmed in Mumbai and 111 people have died.


What did Aditya Thackeray say?

Meanwhile, Minister of Maharashtra Government Aditya Thackeray tweeted, “From the day the trains have been stopped, the state had requested to run the trains for 24 hours so that the migrant laborers can go back home.” Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray also raised this issue in a video conference with PM Modi and also requested to create a roadmap for migrant laborers. “

Nawab Malik said- We will explain to the people

At the same time, a senior leader of SNCP and Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik said in a conversation with ABP News that the government has made arrangements for food and drink for the people. The government is giving food to the people, but these people are demanding to be sent back to their homes.

He said that our government is not running away from responsibility. We will explain to the people. He said that 20-40 lakh laborers work in Mumbai. They get different types of messaging messages from different places, but we will not let them go anywhere. Even before this, we had not allowed anyone to go.

Many questions raised on police and government

After mobilizing in this way, questions are being raised on the government and police of Maharashtra. After all, why did the police fail to gather information about the gathering of such a large number of people? The question is also what was the compulsion in front of the people that they gathered in one place in such a large number, has the government and administration failed to arrange food for them? What caused such huge negligence in the worst affected Mumbai?

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