Covid-19 Cases in Italy

Covid-19 Update: 651 more deaths in Italy, 5500 died so far due to Coronavirus; Total cases rise to 59,138


Covid-19 Cases in Italy: On Sunday (March 22) in Italy, 651 more infected people have died. With this, Italy has topped the world with around 5500 deaths in death due to coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. Fewer people died on Sunday than 793 deaths on Saturday due to Coronavirus infection. At the same time, the number of total infected rose by 10.4 percent to 59,138. In Italy, a total of 5,476 people have died due to this deadly virus so far.


At the same time, the number of people infected with the coronavirus on Sunday in 170 countries is 308,130 with 13,444 deaths. The AFP News agency has given this information as per the calculations done with the help of official sources. These figures are up to 11 am Sunday (March 22) at international time. On Sunday (March 22), around one billion people remained locked in homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in many countries of the world including India.

Factories in the worst affected Italy have been closed. Due to this coronavirus epidemic, around 35 countries in the world have closed down, affecting life, travel, and business. At the same time, governments are struggling to close the borders and are investing billions of dollars in emergency measures to avoid the economic slowdown caused by the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19).

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As of 7 pm international time on Saturday (March 21), 1,702 more people died and 28,674 new cases were reported worldwide. The coronavirus case was first reported in China in December. There were 81,054 cases of coronavirus in China, including 3,261 deaths. Of this, 72,244 people were cured. 46 new cases and six deaths were reported in the country since Saturday.

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