Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update: A record number of 743 people died in Italy in one day from Coronavirus


Covid-19 Update: A record number of 743 people have died in Italy in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of people who died of this deadly coronavirus in the country has exceeded 6,800. The officials gave this information on Tuesday (24 March).


At the same time, the number of cases of coronavirus in the whole world has exceeded 3 lakh 50 thousand. According to AFP data, there have been so many cases since Monday (March 23) since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of last year.

There have been at least three lakh 50 thousand 142 infections, 15,873 deaths all over the world, with the majority of cases reported in China (81,093) and Italy (63,927). Official figures may be only a few percents of the actual number as many countries report such cases. Are investigating in which hospitalization is needed.

In France, 186 more people have died from the coronavirus. The Foreign Minister said on Monday (23 March) that with these deaths, the total number of people who died from this epidemic in the country has risen to 860. Health Minister Olivier Veran said that 19 thousand 856 people were found positive in France. Out of these 8675 people are hospitalized out of which 2082 are undergoing intensive treatment.

Covid-19 epidemic intensifying: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization warned on Monday (23 March) that the Covid-19 pandemic was clearly ‘spreading fast’. However, the organization said it is possible to ‘change this stance’ of the outbreak.

The head of the organization, Tedros Gabryas, told reporters, “The epidemic is intensifying.” “It took 11 days to reach 100,000 cases from the first case, 11 days to reach the second 100,000 cases and the third 100,000 cases came up in just four days,” he said. But he said, ‘We are not helpless. We can overcome this epidemic.’

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