Coronavirus Cases in India

Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus infected patients increased to 511 in the country, 10 deaths so far


Covid-19 Update: The number of fatal coronavirus patients in India has increased to 511. Yesterday 103 Covid-19 patients have been reported. So far 10 people have died due to the virus. More than 100 people are infected in Maharashtra. Two people have died here. After Maharashtra, 60 people have been infected in Kerala, while there has not been a single death. To prevent this deadly virus, 30 states have been locked down. Curfew has been imposed in Punjab, Maharashtra, and Chandigarh. There is strictness like curfew in Delhi too.


How are the other states?

33 people have been infected in Karnataka, while one has died. 30 people are infected in Uttar Pradesh. There are 29 infected in Delhi, one has died. There are 29 infected and one died in Gujarat. Himachal also has 3 infected and one has died. 89 infected and 2 died in Maharashtra. 21 infected and one has died in Punjab. 7 infected and one died in West Bengal.

Explain that the Central Government has warned of strict action against those who violate the restrictions applicable to control the virus. The coronavirus has killed more than 14,500 people worldwide. The Punjab government imposed a curfew on Monday to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This is the first state in the country to take such a big step. People were not following the lockdown, so Chief Minister Amarinder Singh announced the curfew. During this time, all services except the essential services will be banned.

Some people are not following the lockdown seriously

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the state governments to ensure that the lockdown rules are being followed properly as they have noted that some people are not following it seriously. Delhi, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Nagaland have announced statewide lockdowns, while similar announcements have been made in several districts in Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. Several states including Kerala, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand have already declared partial or full lockdown.

Action will be taken if a violation of lockdown

The travel and movement of people have been banned due to the suspension of the train and inter-state bus services till March 31 in 80 districts across the country, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. The Center has asked the state governments to take legal action against the people who violated the lockdown. Lockdown has been implemented across Maharashtra. Bus services have been closed in Mumbai and the boundaries of the districts have also been sealed.

After rail, air service is also banned

Domestic flights have also been banned due to the growing threat of Coronavirus. Flights have been banned from 12 o’clock tonight. However, the restriction will not apply to cargo flights. Airlines have to plan for landing at their destination before 12 o’clock tonight. Rail service has already been banned. The epidemic coronavirus has now put a brake on both the rail and air services of the country.

OPD closed in AIIMS in view of Coronavirus

AIIMS has issued an order to stop registration of OPD, all new and old patients including special services from today till the next order. Earlier, AIIMS had decided to temporarily suspend the regular Walkin OPD registration of patients from 23 March, for the use of its resources to control the Covid 19 epidemic. AIIMS said on Friday that it has been decided to postpone all non-essential surgeries and treatments. It was instructed that only life-saving emergency surgery will be done from March 21. The Union Health Ministry has asked hospitals and medical education institutes to purchase a fair number of ventilators and high-flow oxygen masks. Along with this, it has been asked to keep the crowd at the hospital premises to a minimum.

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