Covid-19 Cases in India

Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus patients rise in India, 415 positive cases in the country so far


Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus panic spread rapidly in the country. In the last two days, the number of patients has increased on Monday, despite 137 new cases in the country. According to the latest data, there have been 415 Covid-19 positive cases have been reported in the country so far.


75 districts have been locked down in the country to prevent the growing influence of coronavirus. Very few people are seen on the street since morning. At the same time, the central government has directed the states to strictly follow this lockdown. The Center says that strict action should be taken against those who violate it.

In addition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people to follow the lockdown seriously and asked the state government to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. Modi tweeted, ‘Many are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself, save your family, follow the instructions seriously.’

Earlier, the number of coronavirus patients in Maharashtra increased to 89. In the past 24 hours, there have been found 15 new coronavirus positive cases. There are 52 cases including seven foreign nationals in Kerala. In Delhi, 30 people, including a foreigner, have been infected and UP has reported 27 cases of coronavirus, including one foreigner.

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Punjab and Karnataka Covid-19 cases are on the rise

In Telangana, 22 outbreaks have been reported, including 11 foreign ones and 24 cases have been reported in Rajasthan. There are 21 cases in Haryana out of which 14 are foreign. Karnataka has 26 people infected with the virus. Twenty-one infected in Punjab and Thirteen people in Ladakh have been coronavirus infected.

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