Coronavirus Cases in India

Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus positive case figure reached 223 in India, more than 10 thousand people have died in the world


Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus is not taking the name to stop havoc in India. On Friday too, COVID-19 has been found positive in many new patients. According to the Health Ministry data, there are a total of 223 positive cases in India. Of these, 32 are foreign nationals. At the same time, the government is also saying that 23 people are fully healthy.


The most affected in India is Maharashtra. According to the latest data, 49 cases have been reported here so far. These include 44 Indians and three foreign nationals. At the same time, one also lost his life. After Maharashtra, 31 positive cases have been reported in Kerala. Of these 26 are Indian and two are foreign nationals.

At the same time, worldwide death due to coronavirus increased to 10,030 on Friday. While the total number of confirmed cases has increased to 2,44,523. This information has been revealed in the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University of America. The report pointed out that 3,405 people have died due to the disease in the worst-affected country Italy due to Corona outside China.

China topped the corona with 81,199 confirmed cases, followed by Italy with 41,035 cases. The university reported in its updated report that a total of 4,440 people worldwide have been cured of the disease.

No new domestic coronavirus infection cases were reported in China for the second consecutive day on Friday, with the lowest number of deaths due to the deadly disease in two months. Apart from Italy and China, the other worst-affected countries are Iran (18,407), Spain (18,077), Germany (15,320) and America (14,250). The third country badly affected by Corona is Iran, where 1,284 people have died.

Families should not oppose investigation and segregation of those returning from abroad: Reddy

Union Minister Kishan Reddy on Friday appealed that the people should not oppose the government’s decision to investigate and keep aside the people returning from the coronavirus global epidemic. He said that opposing it is not a “proper approach” to stop the virus from spreading.

Reddy said that Indians returning from the Corona virus-affected countries are being investigated and segregated here. Although some of them are opposing it. I have phone calls from parents requesting their children to be released, saying that they will take care of them at home. This is not the right approach.

He said that we are doing this to prevent the spread of the disease in the country. I appeal to all parents to support us in this endeavor. Reddy said that around 69,000 people have been isolated in homes across the country and the government is taking such steps as India is a densely populated country. He also requested people to follow the Janata curfew from seven to nine in the morning on Sunday to show that they are ready to deal with every possible situation in the coming days.

Reddy said that unfortunately there is no medicine for the treatment of this disease and the only way to deal with it is to stop it from spreading. He appealed to the people to take precautions and keep a distance. Reddy said that state governments have been asked to use the health department’s budget and the state disaster response fund to tackle the disease.

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