Coronavirus cases in India live update

Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus positive patients rise to 724 in the country, 17 deaths so far


Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus cases continue to increase even in the midst of ongoing lockdowns in India. So far, 724 cases of infection have been confirmed in the country, out of which 17 people have died. According to the information available on the website of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, ‘So far 694 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the country, including 647 Indians and 47 foreigners.


45 patients suffering from coronavirus in the country have recovered while 16 people have died. Worldwide, the number of patients infected with the deadly coronavirus has increased to more than half a million and more than 22,000 people have died as victims of this epidemic. The number of corona-affected patients who have been cured worldwide is nearly 1.21 lakh.

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Five people have been found infected with the coronavirus in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Four people have been found infected in Nagpur city and another in Gondia district. With this, officials said on Friday, the number of Covid-19 patients in Nagpur city has increased to nine.

State-wise Coronavirus positive cases:

State wise Coronavirus cases
State-wise Coronavirus cases

The number of corona patients in India is steadily increasing. According to the latest data, so far 724 coronavirus positive cases have been found in the country. Apart from this, 17 people have died due to infection.

Pakistan has sought an additional loan of $ 3.7 billion from three multilateral lenders to deal with the economic crisis created by the Coronavirus outbreak. So far nine people have died due to Coronavirus in the country and more than 1,100 people are infected with it.

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In France, 365 people, including a 16-year-old teenager, died during the last 24 hours from the Coronavirus. This is the highest number of deaths in a day due to this epidemic in the country. French top health officer Jerome Salmon told reporters that a total of 1696 people died in hospital in France from the virus.

On Thursday, the total number of coronavirus infected patients reached 39 in the national capital. The department said that 29 of these cases are related to travel, while 10 cases are from the local transmission. Of the total cases, five have been discharged from hospital, one has died and one has gone out of the country.

The number of Covid-19 positive in Bihar has increased to seven. A 20-year-old youth living in Patna was found to be corona positive. He is undergoing treatment at the isolation ward of Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH), Patna.

Coronavirus infection, which started in China at the end of last year, has spread all over the world. The US ranks first in Corona’s most positive cases. According to the New York Times report, the number of corona patients in the US has increased to 81,321.

At least 2.8 billion people worldwide, more than one-third of the population of the earth, are prohibited from traveling due to lockdown.

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