Death toll due to COVID-19 hits a new daily high of 1,169 in 24 hours in the US

COVID-19 US: Death toll due to coronavirus hits a new daily high of 1,169 in 24 hours in the US


COVID-19 US: America is seemingly helpless in front of the coronavirus. In a single day, a maximum of 1169 died. The AFP News Agency provided this information.


In the United States, the death toll from coronavirus (COVID-19) has risen to more than five thousand and infected more than two lakh people so far. According to the latest report from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), New York has been the most severely affected by a coronavirus in the United States.

At the same time, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has urged other US governors to take immediate action to combat the coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, Cuomo warned that their cities could also face a situation similar to New York, where an infection could die up to 16,000 people.

In his daily news conference about the epidemic, the Cuomo Gates drew attention to information on death estimates cited by a group affiliated with the Foundation. By this estimate, 93,000 Americans and 16,000 New Yorkers will die by the end of the epidemic.

So far, more than 50,000 deaths have occurred in the world

Coronavirus cases have exceeded one million worldwide, and more than 51,000 have died. Based on data obtained by the World Health Organization, published by countries around the world and calculated by AFP, there have been at least 10,00,036 cases of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) reported in 188 countries around the world. And so far 51,718 people have died.

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