1480 death in a single day due to COVID-19 in US

COVID-19: US sets new global record of death, 1480 death in a single day due to Coronavirus


COVID-19: America, the world’s most powerful country, appears to be suffering from a coronavirus epidemic. A maximum of 1480 people died on Friday. The day before, 1169 people died in the US within 24 hours.


Coronavirus has infected some three million people in the United States. This number is much higher than in other countries. Beyond that, 7406 people have died so far and are steadily increasing.

At the same time, Germany has overtaken China in terms of coronavirus transmission to other countries. By Friday evening, the number of infections in Germany had risen to 89,451. At the same time, there were a total of 81,620 cases in China. Italy and Spain are the most affected countries globally.

There are more than a million COVID-19 patients worldwide

Coronavirus is spreading panic around the world. According to data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, more than one million coronavirus patients have been detected worldwide so far. At the same time, this image has been surpassed in just 93 days. If we look at the figures, the spread of it has grown exponentially. It has led many countries to the brink of destruction. There has been a huge crisis in the economic front and in the health sector.

There are more than 2500 patients with coronavirus in India

New cases of coronavirus in India have risen to 2547 and 62 have died due to the virus. At the same time, out of 2547 cases, there are 2322 COVID-19 active cases and 162 patients who have been discharged from the hospital after recovering. The Union Health Ministry has said that from the people who attended the Tablighi Jamaat religious event in the Nizamuddin region of Delhi, a total of 647 people have been confirmed to have coronavirus infection. These people belong to 14 states.

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