COVID-19: Will the lockdown increase after April 14? PM Narendra Modi will discuss with chief ministers today

COVID-19: Will the lockdown extend after April 14? PM Narendra Modi will discuss with chief ministers today


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will discuss the question of advancing the nationwide lockdown with Chief Ministers of all states today (11 April). In the discussion through video conferencing, a decision can be taken as to whether to extend the applicable 21-day nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


The video conferencing of the Chief Ministers with the Prime Minister is going to take place at a time when many states and many experts have urged the Central Government to extend the 21-day nationwide lockdown of April 25 from April 14 in view of the coronavirus.

PM Modi on Wednesday told the leaders of various political parties, including the opposition in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, that the nationwide lockdown implemented due to the coronavirus will not be removed at once. He had emphasized that saving the life of every person is his government’s priority.


According to an official statement, the Prime Minister said that many states, district administrations and experts have suggested increasing the lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading. However, taking a step forward in Odisha, it has decided to increase the lockdown in the state by 30 April.

At the same time, after a meeting with the Prime Minister on Wednesday, BJD leader Pinaki Mishra said that Narendra Modi made it clear that the lockdown will not go away on April 14. Mishra said that Prime Minister Modi told us that life before coronavirus and after coronavirus will not be the same. This is the second time after the lockdown comes into force when the Prime Minister will communicate with Chief Ministers on this subject through video conferencing.

Earlier on April 2, during a conversation with the Chief Ministers, Modi had asked him for suggestions about ‘orderly exit from lockdown’. According to Health Ministry data, 6412 cases of infection from COVID-19 in India have been reported so far and 199 people have died due to this.

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