Parvesh Verma Received Threatening Call During Delhi Assembly Election 2020

Delhi Assembly Election 2020: BJP MP Parvesh Verma Received Threatening Call From a Foreign Number


Delhi Assembly Election 2020: BJP MP Parvesh Verma received a threatening call from a foreign number. BJP MP Pravesh Verma, who came to the discussion due to his controversial statement during the Delhi Assembly Election 2020, has received a threatening call.


Parvesh Verma gave information about this by tweeting on Tuesday. While sharing a screenshot of a foreign mobile number, he wrote that this morning I received a threatening call from Rwanda. I will file a complaint against it.

It may be known that Parvesh Verma has been in the discussion for the last few days due to controversial statements. Today, he also called Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal a terrorist. While sharing a video on Twitter, he said that with the tax money of the people of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has adorned the Imams of the mosques.

Conflicting statement on Shaheen Bagh

Earlier, he had said about Shaheen Bagh that lakhs of people gather there. The people of Delhi will have to make a conscious decision about it. Those people will enter your houses and rape your sister’s daughters and kill them. Now is the time, Modi Ji and Amit Shah will not come to save you tomorrow.

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If the people of Delhi wake up today, it will be good. People today feel safe and will do so as long as Modi Ji is the Prime Minister. If someone else becomes Prime Minister, no one will come to save you.

At the same time, he has also made a video of Delhi’s government schools, in which the condition of the schools is shown to be very bad. Against this afternoon, senior leaders of AAP will also submit a memorandum to the Election Commission.

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