Coronavirus Patient Rohit Dutta Cured in Delhi

Delhi’s first coronavirus patient Rohit Dutta cured, released from hospital after recovered


Coronavirus Update: The continuation of the coronavirus infected patients continues in Delhi. So far 114 Covid-19 positive cases reported in India. In the meantime, Delhi’s first corona positive patient Rohit Dutta has recovered and gone home from the hospital. Rohit Dutta is the first person who was found to be Covid-19 positive in Delhi. He shared his experience while talking on the phone.


He stated that I went to Italy and then to Budapest, Hungary on January 21. I returned to India on 25 February and I had 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit the same night. On 26 February I went to the doctor. Dried medicine for three days. Then on February 28, the fever went down again.

‘Corona positive report arrived on March 1’


He said the doctor sent me to RML Hospital. On 29 February I went to RML. Fever tick in form. After that, I was admitted there. On 1 March, the report confirmed the coronavirus to be infected. After that, I was admitted to a different ward. The doctors and staff there were very good.

He told that when I returned from Italy, I gave my son’s birthday party. On 28 February, a party was held at the Hyatt, where there were about 12-13 people. When confirmed to be infected with Corona, the corona investigation was done with all the family members and also the friends who were present in the party, but the reports of all these came negative.

‘Still living in isolation’

Rohit said that during this time I had also gone to the office for an hour, where all the four people I came in contact with were investigated and the reports of all of them were negative. He said, when I got rid of the virus, then I was released last Saturday. Right now I am at home, but I am still trying to remain isolated at home.

He told, isolation ward is not a dungeon. The government has provided all the facilities, which should also be checked by cough and cold. He told that on the day of Holi, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan himself spoke through a video call.

Rohit said, when I was in Italy, there was no case of corona till 21 February. Corona’s first news came to Italy on 22 February.

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