Dhinchak Pooja New Song Released On Coronavirus

Dhinchak Pooja released a new song ‘Hoga Na Corona’ based on coronavirus, Video viral on social media


Former Bigg Boss contestant and internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja has once again hit the headlines due to her new song. Dhinchak Pooja herself is very much talked about due to song making and singing. She has composed her new song on the coronavirus spreading across the world. The new song of Dhinchak Pooja is titled ‘Hoga Na Corona’. Her new song is becoming quite viral on social media.


Dhinchak Pooja has shared the video of the song ‘Hoga Na Corona’ on her Instagram account and YouTube channel. In the video, she is seen advising people to avoid the Coronavirus and wash it right. In her video song, Dhinchak Pooja says, ‘Corona Corona Dua Karo Koi Na Na Hona’. This song of Dhinchak Pooja is becoming increasingly viral on social media. All social media users are giving their reactions to the video of this song.


It may be noted that Dhinchak Pooja had a chance to appear in the reality show Bigg Boss. She entered Bigg Boss 11 as a wild card contestant. However, her journey on the show did not last long. At that time there was news in the media that Pooja had taken 8 lakh rupees a week to stay in Bigg Boss house. However, this news was not confirmed by Pooja or the show’s makers.


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There is also a YouTube channel of Dhinchak Pooja. On which she keeps releasing her new songs. Dhinchak Pooja’s YouTube channel is named after her. Pooja’s songs like ‘Swag Wali Topi’, ‘Daru Daru Daru’, ‘Selfie Maine Le Liye Aaj’, ‘Afreen’ and ‘Shooter of Hearts’ have come before the Coronavirus song.

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Dhinchak Pooja is one of the most popular celebrities on social media. The real name of Dhinchak Puja is Pooja Jain. UP-born Dhinchak Pooja lives in Delhi. Their popularity started 3 years ago. Pooja is very active on social media and keeps sharing her photos.

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