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Donald Trump Warns Iran, Said – If Iran Strikes Any US Assets, We Will Hit 52 Iranian Sites


Donald Trump Warns Iran, Said – If Iran Strikes Any US Assets, We Will Hit 52 Iranian Sites: US President Donald Trump has once again given a stern warning to Iran. Trump said that if Iran tries to harm our people and assets by attacking again, we will demolish 52 of its bases in one stroke. Trump said that 52 sites in Iran are on our target, which is very important for Iran and Iranian culture. We are ready to give a befitting reply to any attack.


US President Donald Trump said that Iran is talking boldly about targeting some US assets. He is speaking out to avenge the assassination of his terrorist leader who killed the American people throughout his life and badly injured many. There is no need to name all those victims here.

Let me tell you that on Saturday late night, the ancient Jamkaran mosque of Kyom province of Iran was red-flagged, which means the beginning of war or warning to be ready for war. At the same time, a few hours later, four attacks were made with rockets and mortars targeting the US embassy and military bases in Iraq.

Britain sending warship

The United Kingdom said it would send its ships to the Middle East amid war conditions that arose after the assassination of Qasim Sulemani, a top Iranian military commander in the United States. He says he will deploy two of his warships on the Strait Hormuz in order to ensure the safety of British citizens in the midst of escalating tensions in the Middle East.

Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace wrote in a post on Twitter, ‘I have instructed warships HMS Montrose and HMS Defender to prepare. He said that at this time the British Government would take all necessary steps to protect our ships and civilians.

Rocket attacks on American bases

Iran has previously declared an undisclosed war against the US to avenge the death of top military commander Qasim Sulemani in a US drone strike. On Saturday, a red flag was placed on the ancient Jamkaran mosque in Iran’s Kyom province, which means a warning of the beginning of the war or being prepared for war.

At the same time, a few hours later, four attacks were made with rockets and mortars targeting the US embassy and military bases in Iraq. On the other hand, immediately after these attacks, the US has said that we will take strong action against its culprits.

The first attack, according to the Iraqi army, was carried out by targeting the US embassy in a heavily guarded green zone. One mortar fell on the Celebrations Square near the embassy and the other at a house in Jadaria, a residential area, injuring five people.

The Green Zone has government offices and embassies from various countries. The second attack took place at the Albalad airbase of Salauddin province, 80 km from Baghdad. The US Army arrived here on Saturday. Four rockets were fired at the airbase, which fell outside the southern door. Surveillance drones soon after took off in search of the attackers.

The third attack took place at the Kindi airbase in Mosul, northern Iraq. Mortars were also fired here. Late-night mortars were fired at US military bases built in the palaces of former President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. After these attacks, surveillance of Baghdad was started by American fighter jets and helicopters.

Abuhamjeh Warns America

“We have identified 35 such US bases in the Middle East (West Asia), including Tel Abib,” said Abuhamzeh, commander of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. Describing the Gulf of Hormuz as an important point for western countries, he warned to be prepared for attacks in the region. Abuhamjeh said that wherever we see Americans, we will teach them a lesson.

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Trump administration gave information to parliament

The US is also cautious amid Iran’s counter-attack. With increased vigil in the Middle East, the Trump administration has told the US parliament that Iran can retaliate within a week.

America takes war action: Iran

The US has pledged to send more force to Iraq and on the other hand, Trump has said he does not want war. Meanwhile, Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi told CNN that the attacks were “war action from the US”. The attacks are a dramatic development amid growing tension between Iran and the US.

Trump said Sulaimani was responsible for many attacks

At the same time, Donald Trump, who was celebrating a New Year holiday at a private resort after the death of an Iranian military commander in a US drone attack, spoke to the media and said that we remember the victims of Sulaimani’s terror.

He has been carrying out terrorist conspiracies for the last 20 years to destabilize the Middle East. He plotted major attacks in London and Delhi. Recently Sulaimani led the brutal suppression of protesters in Iran. More than 1,000 innocent civilians were tortured and killed there.

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