Ex-wife Sussanne Khan opens-up about Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan co-parenting

Ex-wife Sussanne Khan opens-up about Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan co-parenting


Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and his ex-wife Sussanne Khan have been divorced for almost 6 years. After this, both of them appear on many occasions. Hrithik and Sussanne raise their children like a normal parent so that their divorce does not affect the children.


Due to this, recently Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan has come to stay at Hrithik’s house amid the lockdown in concern of his children. Now after the divorce in lockdown, Sussanne Khan has appeared with Hrithik and his co-parenting and she has talked a lot about this. On the other hand, Sussanne has also shared a long post on her Instagram.

In a special conversation with Web portal vogue, Sussanne Khan said that in lockdown she is creating the most precious memories of the world with Hrithik and with her children. Because it is very important for them. While praising Hrithik, Sussanne Khan said that he is the best gym trainer in the world, according to Sussanne she does workouts in the evening under Hrithik every day, during the workouts, some keep telling Hrithik such lighthearted tips. Which are very easy to do.


During this time, when Sussanne Khan was asked about Hrithik’s decision to stay at home, Sussanne wasted no time saying, “When Coronavirus has been declared a victim and because of this, a lockdown order was taken in the country, then I and Hrithik had decided to stay at home with the children, which was good for all of us. Because the peace we had with each other is not found anywhere else.

My children are important to me. With this in mind, we started our lockdown adventure. Sussanne Khan believes that her decision to stay at Hrithik’s house will have a positive impact on her sons’ upbringing. Because Hrithik and Sussanne want to make both of their sons a good person to live in this world.


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Both Hrithik and Sussanne did not want to make the children miss anything during this time. In the same lockdown, the children could get a lot of love from both parents. We also promised each other that we would both live in peace and love. Sussanne Khan says that they have been together for the last 45 days and are spending time with a lot of love and respect.

During this, Sussanne Khan said that she has formed a lockdown routine with Hrithik, who they follow on. Such as reading a book together, listening to music, working in the kitchen, etc. The post that Sussanne has been sharing on social media for the past few days shows that she is enjoying staying at Hrithik’s house. The decision to have a lockdown with ex-husband was not wrong. Sussanne Khan is very happy living in Hrithik’s house with his family. She has given Hrithik’s house the status of sweet home.

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