Facebook Announces To Give $1000 Bonus To Its Employees

Facebook will give a $1000 bonus for helping employees in Coronavirus crisis


In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a $ 1000 bonus for every employee of the company. According to The Information Report, on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg sent an e-mail to all his employees, in which he has said to give a bonus of about 74 thousand rupees for $ 1000. When this step has been taken, there is a possibility of a recession in the whole country due to coronavirus.


Let me tell you that at present, about 45 thousand employees are working full time on Facebook. Apart from this, thousands of employees are working on the contract. No information has been given about whether the contract employees will be given a bonus or not.

However, Facebook is not the only company offering bonuses to its employees. Apple, Google, Twitter have also announced bonuses to their employees.

On Tuesday, Facebook has also announced the launch of a new $ 100 million program to help small businesses affected by COVID-19. It is being told that this program will help 30 thousand small traders. Let me tell you that due to coronavirus, Facebook has suffered heavily. The shares of the company have fallen by more than 28%.

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At the same time, in view of the havoc of coronavirus, Facebook canceled the F8 Annual Software Developer Conference to be held on 27 February. Apart from this, in March, looking at the conditions of Corona, Facebook had asked the employees to work from home. Also, in an effort to make people aware, Facebook has started publishing advertisements of face masks by banning every kind of advertisement on the timeline.

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