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Fish Oil Supplements That May Help To Increase Sperm Count Quality and Fertility


Fish Oil Supplements: Regular intake of Fish Oil Supplements may help to increase Sperm count quality and fertility. Fish oil is generally considered to be very beneficial for the heart, so heart patients are advised to use it. But recent research suggests that fish oil can also be beneficial for men in many other problems.


According to this study, the regular use of fish oil improves the fertility of men and increases their chances of becoming a father. Fish oil capsules are sold in the market as supplements and their prices are not too high.

Fish Oil
Fish Oil Capsules | Image: Hindustan Times

Infertility is a major problem


Infertility or infertility means the condition of a man or woman not having children due to physical and mental incapacity. This is neither a disease nor a problem. Many things are responsible for infertility, which includes everything from physical health to lifestyle, food, habits, etc.

According to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, about 10% to 14% of the people in India, ie 1 in every 6 couples are suffering from infertility.

New research may be important for men because fish oil supplements can increase their chances of becoming fathers. A major reason for infertility is also a decrease in men’s sperm count and quality.

You will be surprised to know that in the last 80 years the sperm count of men worldwide has decreased by almost 50%. The same deficiency can be met to some extent by fish oil supplementation.

Fish Oil Capsules
Fish Oil | Image: WebMD

Both sperm quality and count increase

According to research, fish oil contains omega-3, which is a type of fatty acid and helps to increase healthy sperm cells in men. Dr. Tina Kaid Jensen, a lead author of this study and of the University of Southern Denmark, says, “Fish oil intake has seen an increase in men’s semen volume, sperm count and testicular size.”

These studies suggest that fish oil intake can be very beneficial for healthy men. This study has been published in JAMA Network.

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How much sperm count increased from fish oil

According to this research, men who used fish oil supplements for more than 60 days in 3 months produced an average of 1/8 teaspoon more sperm than normal men. In addition, these men were found to have sperm count in excess of 184 million / sample, while those who were not taking fish oil supplements found an average of 147 million sperm count.

Dr. Kevin McEleny of the British Fertility Society says, “If young, fit and healthy people take fish oil supplements, it improves their sperm count, sperm count, testicle size and hormone levels.”

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