Ghaziabad sealed border with Delhi again due to raising of coronavirus cases, know who are allowed to drive vehicles

Ghaziabad sealed border with Delhi again due to raising of coronavirus cases, know who are allowed to drive vehicles


New Delhi: Coronavirus cases are increasing all over the country. The capital of Delhi is also a hotspot of coronavirus and the infection is spreading rapidly here too. This is the reason that in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus, the Ghaziabad district administration has again ordered the Delhi border to be sealed.


Due to increasing cases of coronavirus infection in the district, the DM has ordered to seal all the border with Delhi. Only those who have the pass will be allowed to enter the Ghaziabad border. People related to essential services will also get discounts.

The CMO had recommended to the administration that due to traffic between Ghaziabad-Delhi, Covid-19 cases are increasing in the district. Keeping this in mind, strictness has been done. After the order on Monday, the border was jammed again on Tuesday morning. The news agency ANI has released some photos showing a long jam on the road.


It is getting further effect from Tuesday morning. Because in Ghaziabad, shops will open from Tuesday morning to evening for the first time in the lockdown period. Private and public sector employees, along with industry and businesses, have movement in the thousands. The jam was also shown on Monday.

According to the order, this restriction will not apply to employees and commercial vehicles associated with essential services. DM said that all the borders adjoining Delhi will be sealed like Lockdown-2. Only those who have an administrative pass will be able to move from these areas. So let’s know what happens if you get permission to go to Ghaziabad.

– Doctors and paramedical staff, policemen, media personnel, bank personnel, and central government officer-level employees will be allowed to travel only on showing the ID card.

– Vehicles belonging to heavy vehicles, trucks to freight vehicles, essential vehicles connected with banking services, and essential goods and medicines will be required to pass.

– Employees working in Delhi government offices every day will have to show the pass issued separately along with their I-card on the border. This pass will be issued on a daily or weekly basis.

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