Coronavirus Outbreak in India

Identification of another patient of Coronavirus in India, Italian tourist’s wife reports positive


Coronavirus Outbreak: Coronavirus has also been confirmed in the wife of a tourist from Italy. According to Rajasthan Health Department, the investigation report of the woman has been found positive in Jaipur Hospital. Now it has been sent for testing in a lab in Pune for confirmation.


The total number of coronavirus patients in India has now increased to seven, after the Italian tourist’s wife. The coronavirus knocked in Delhi yesterday (Monday) and a patient was confirmed.

On Monday, an Italian tourist in Jaipur was found infected with the coronavirus. The tourist’s blood sample was sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune for examination. Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma said, “A team of 20 tourists from Italy came to Jaipur, one of them was tested for blood on February 29 in Sawaimansingh Hospital due to ill health, which came negative, but her health deteriorated. Today her blood sample was tested again in which she was found positive.”

The patient is kept in the Isolation Ward of Sawaiman Singh Hospital. Out of the 20-member tourist group from Italy, 19 members have left for Agra.

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