Immunity Booster Juice Made With Red Carrots and Beetroot Juice

Immunity booster: Red Kanji juice made from red carrots and beetroot help to boost immunity, know recipes to make and benefits


Immunity booster: Due to coronavirus these days everyone is being asked to increase their immunity. This is because if your immunity is strong, then no virus can cause significant harm even by attacking your body. At the same time immunity cannot be increased by eating anything or following any rules. This is such a thing, which can be found only by making appropriate lifestyle changes and following that rule daily.


Immunity is especially useful in the changing seasons when suddenly many things in the body have a simultaneous effect. So if you want to boost your immunity, take special care of your nutrition. Dietician and lifestyle coach Lavalin Kaur has given a special recipe to increase immunity. Let’s know about the recipe for immunity booster juice.

Dt. Lavleen Kaur wrote while sharing a video that Red Kanji, an Indian probiotic beverage, can help increase immunity by improving stomach health. In a video shared on her Facebook page, she said that in the wake of the epidemic Instead of just realizing the importance of boosting a person’s immunity, improving one’s immune system by making lifestyle changes over time A good idea. Therefore you can adopt Red Kanji.

Immunity Booster Juice
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What is Kanji Juice?

Kanji is made with water, red carrots, beetroot, mustard, and a pinch of Hing, and it can be helpful to consume it in limited quantities every day. Spicy, sour and tart flavored kanji can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. There are many benefits to drinking it. Although traditionally black carrots that are in season only for a short time, red-kanji is made with red carrots containing beta-carotene.

Is full of anti-inflammatory properties

Beetroot and carrots are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which can help in combating inflammation in the body and thus, reduce the risk of many diseases. Some studies have shown that foods such as beetroot and carrot can help prevent urinary tract infections.

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants work to protect cells from damage caused by anthocyanin oxidants. They help the body by neutralizing and removing these oxidants from your bloodstream. It offers other benefits such as slowing down signs of aging, making your skin look younger and reducing the risk of heart disease. A diet rich in antioxidants is also known to keep your brain active and your stomach healthy.

Full of nutrients

They are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium and manganese. They are also good sources of carotenoids, which promote eye and skin health. It is important to take foods rich in vitamin C in the changing season as it helps to increase your immunity and protects you from cold and flu. Let’s know the recipe for making this.

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Immunity Booster Kanji Juice Recipe


1/2 kg – sugar beet
5 ml apple cider vinegar
1/2 kg – red carrot
8 cups – water
2tsp – Mustard or Rye Powder
2tsp – salt
Black Salt
Pinch of Hing
Chili powder


Boil water and let it cool.
Mix all ingredients together in boiled water. Keep the mixture in an air-tight container (ideally a pickle jar used in Indian homes) under sunlight for two to four days.

How to consume?
Only 100 ml to 150 ml should be consumed once a day. For children who do not like fermented items, 1-2 spoons may be given. However, since kanji can cause a sore throat, limit its intake.

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