Immunity Drinks

Immunity Drinks: 3 drinks to boost immunity will keep you away from every disease


Immunity Drinks: If you fall ill often, then you must have heard from the doctor that your immunity is very weak. The weakness of immunity is not a disease but a problem, which causes many diseases. You must have heard that you should consume many foods to increase immunity, but have you heard that some drinks can also increase your immunity. Yes, you have some such items kept in the house, by which you can make these drinks and boost your immunity.


3 drinks to boost immunity, which will keep you away from diseases

Ginger, turmeric and carrot drink

Carrot Immunity Drinks
Carrot Drinks | Image: NDTV Food



Half (1⁄2) inch ginger, one quarter (1⁄4) inch fresh turmeric or 1 teaspoon powdered turmeric and 3 carrots.

1 cucumber, 1 lemon, a pinch of pepper.

Method of making

Wash all the vegetables.

Grind turmeric, celery, carrot, lemon, cucumber, ginger, turmeric.

Add a pinch of black pepper, mix, and drink.

Turmeric is a high antioxidant spice because it contains curcumin. Pepper contains pepper, which increases the absorption of curcumin. Ginger helps prevent dry cough and its juice also helps in digesting food. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, which is also an antioxidant and an immune booster. Overall, this is an immunity booster vegetable juice.

Carrot and beetroot drink

Beetroot Drinks | Image: Healthline

Take 1 cup carrots and cut it into 1-inch pieces.

Take 1 cup beetroot and also cut it into 1-inch pieces.

Take 2 tbsp powdered mustard powder.

Take one-fourth teaspoon of Kashmiri chili powder.

4-5 cups of water.

Method of making

Pour all ingredients into a large jar and mix well. Close the lid of a jar tightly and leave it in a warm place for at least 3 days. Apart from this, you can leave it in the sun for the whole day. It may take longer to ferment in winter, so you may need to leave it for a longer period of time. It tastes sour and can be drunk from 4 to 5. Kanji is an excellent probiotic. If your intestinal health is good, then your immunity will be better. This beverage contains intestinal good bacteria, which makes our immunity strong.

Pickle of fresh turmeric

Pickle of fresh turmeric
Pickle of fresh turmeric | Image: Delishably

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500 grams fresh turmeric

200 grams fresh ginger

2 teaspoons salt

6 lemons

½ cup mustard oil

2 tablespoons mustard seeds

2 tablespoons black pepper

Method of making

Wash and chop the turmeric and ginger.

Heat mustard oil in a pan. When the oil is hot, keep it aside.

Remove the juice from the lemon.

Add mustard seeds to the pan. When they are cooked, keep them aside.

When the mustard oil cools down a bit, add mustard and turmeric and ginger.

Add lemon juice, salt, and pepper to the turmeric and ginger mixture.

Keep it in a box in which air cannot go and eat it when you want it.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. It protects against various diseases and also helps in strengthening immunity. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has many health benefits. Eat it with black pepper. Black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin by 300% in our intestine.

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