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Impeachment Proposal Passed: Will US President Donald Trump Have To Resign?


Impeachment Proposal Passed: Will US President Trump have to Resign?: The approval to impeach US President Donald Trump has received approval from the House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament. Trump will now be prosecuted in the Upper House Senate. Trump is the third president in US history against whom impeachment has been approved. The lower house of the US Parliament, with a majority of Democrat lawmakers, approved impeachment by 230 votes against 197.


Donald Trump is alleged to have pressured Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zalensky, to investigate a corruption investigation against Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and his son in 2020. Biden’s son is working as a chief in an energy company in Ukraine.

What will happen next?

The investigation against President Trump will now begin in the Republican-majority Senate. These investigations will be done by small groups of leaders i.e. committees. Each committee has expertise in understanding everything related to this matter such as the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Economic Affairs and Committee on Justice.

Public witnesses will also be called in this case. The President’s lawyers will have the right to participate in this entire process. If the committee decides that charges against Trump are framed, members of the House will vote on it.

If the indictment against Trump was proved with a two-thirds majority, he would be the first president in American history to be removed from office for impeachment.

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Will Trump have to resign?

US Senate of the Upper House will be investigated for impeachment. Here Trump’s party Republicans have a majority. In such a situation, it is believed that he will not be dismissed from the post of President.

The Republican Party says that they hold 53 seats in the 100 seats of the Senate and two-thirds of the vote is necessary to remove Trump. In such a situation, if some 20 MPs of Trump’s party (Republican) refuse to support him then only some big uproar will happen. But so far, the Republican Party has been supporting them.

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