Virat Kohli in a Press Conference Before IND vs NZ 1st T20

IND vs NZ: Captain Virat Kohli Press Conference Before 1st T20 Match Against New Zealand


IND vs NZ: Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian team who arrived in New Zealand within a week of playing in India against Australia, said on Thursday that the cricketers are now approaching the situation when they will have to start playing directly on the stadium itself.


India will play in New Zealand in the first match of the five-match of IND vs NZ T20 Series on Friday. Five days before this, the one-day series against Australia has ended in India.

Prior to the first T20, Kohli said that now we are approaching the situation that we have to play by landing directly at the stadium. The schedule has become so busy, but it is not easy to travel and travel in a country with a different time zone. He said that I am sure that these things will also be taken into consideration in the future. International cricket is one where continuous play is to be done.

Kohli said that the last series against Australia was a one-day series, so we stayed on the field for a long time. Played some T20s before that. The last three matches were not T20, so now it will be easy for us to play here. He said in a press conference that in New Zealand, cricketers are not used to be kept on the head like other countries, so playing here is leisurely.

He said that there is relief on the tour of New Zealand. On every tour, its hallmark is that what is the status of cricket there. Here it is taken as work. This is not the most important aspect of life and neither is given much consideration. It is a part of Kiwi culture and is a sport.

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He, however, said that but the Kiwi team also descends with the intention of winning every match. Everything is quite balanced and it feels great to play here. Kiwi players are very relaxed and professional.

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