India Successfully test-fired K-4 Ballistic Missile

India Has Successfully Test Fired Nuclear-Capable K-4 Ballistic Missile Launched From Submarine


India has successfully test-fired Nuclear-Capable K-4 Ballistic Missile launched from Submarine. The submarine version of the indigenously built K-4 ballistic missile, which has the capability to take all the cities of China from Beijing to the capital of China, was successfully tested on Sunday. Efforts were being made to test this version for the last two years.


This intermediate missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads of up to 3500 km range is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. With the success of this test, the ability of the Indian Army to launch missiles at enemy targets by submarine has become stronger.

According to government sources, the submarine version of the K-4 missile was tested on the coast of Andhra Pradesh during the day time on Sunday. It was fired from underwater platforms.

It is one of the two indigenously developed missiles that will be delivered to Indian submarines. Apart from the K-4, the other missile is the BO-5, which has a range of 700 km.

Will be posted on Arihant

The missile has been developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It will be deployed on indigenously built Arihant class nuclear submarines fleet. Many more tests of this missile will be done before being deployed on a nuclear submarine.

For the time being, India currently has only one indigenously developed nuclear submarine as INS Arihant, while another nuclear submarine INS Arigraha is likely to be inducted soon.

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India is in six countries of the world

India is among the only six countries in the world to have the capability to launch a nuclear missile from land, air, and underwater. Apart from India, this capability is with the US, Russia, France, Britain, and China.

Such is K-4 missile

  • Can attack up to 3500 km
  • The length of this missile is 12 meters
  • 1.3 m K-4 missile rounding
  • The missile weighs 17 tons
  • Capable of carrying weapons up to 2000 kg
  • Can even leave from the launcher in water 20 meters deep
  • The specialty of K-4 Missile

According to sources, the K-4 missile has Booster Gloride Flight Proficiency technology. With its help, it can dodge any anti-ballistic missile system. Its navigation system also features satellite updates. As a result, it penetrates the target with full accuracy.

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