India Prepared for Coronavirus Stage 3

India has taken necessary actions to fight Coronavirus stage-3, over 800 Covid-19 patients reported so far


Coronavirus Update: Members of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Ministry of Health as well as the Covid-19 Task Force have maintained that there is no community transmission of the coronavirus at present. However, preparations have begun to deal with such a situation.


In a press conference on Friday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that his administration is ready to handle 100 Covid-19 cases in a day. He said that the Delhi government is now working on a plan to deal with Phase 3 of the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said that – at present, things are under control, but if it does not stop then the number of cases can increase rapidly, then we have to be ready with all the arrangements. The 5-member committee of doctors – which was set up to give us an action plan, will submit its report on entering Phase 3 of the coronavirus outbreak in the city.


Significantly, despite the government’s lockdown in the country, 149 new cases of coronavirus ‘Covid-19’ infection have been reported in the last 24 hours and the total number of infected have risen to over 800 and four patients have died.

The coronavirus outbreak has spread to 27 states and union territories of the country. So far 19 people have died across the country due to coronavirus infection. Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi have reported the highest number of infections so far.

State-wise Coronavirus CAses in India

State wise Coronavirus Cases in India
State-wise Coronavirus Cases in India

On the other hand, the situation in America is getting frightening day by day. So far, one million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the US. There have been 345 deaths and 18000 new cases in the last 24 hours. AFP news agency has given this information. US President Donald Trump has said to investigate large-scale suspects behind the rise in infected cases. He said, ‘I think this is the result of our more investigation.’

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