India takes big move amid Coronavirus crisis, a partial ban on Hydroxychloroquine drug exports removed

India takes big move amid Coronavirus crisis, a partial ban on Hydroxychloroquine drug exports removed


New Delhi: The Government of India has taken a major step towards the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine, which is considered effective for coronavirus patients. India has partially lifted the ban on the export of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine. India said that only after calculating the domestic requirements, a decision will be taken to supply hydroxychloroquine medicine on the demand of the countries affected by the coronavirus epidemic.


That is, it has not been decided yet which country will be supplied how much. This information was given by the people associated with this case. Let us know that US President Donald Trump has called PM Modi and requested for the supply of hydroxychloroquine medicine.

On the condition of anonymity, an official said that the ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine drug has been partially lifted, but the export of paracetamol will be banned. He further said that the demand made by the countries will be approved only on the basis of meeting domestic requirements and availability of hydroxychloroquine.

He said that on the basis of humanitarianism related to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Department of Pharmaceuticals and the Ministry of External Affairs would take a decision on the export and allocation of such medicine. If sources are to be believed, India is stocking the medicine for its population in view of dealing with the potentially worst situation of the pandemic and after deciding enough for all Indians to decide which countries will export the medicine, Will go.

Actually, America is constantly demanding this medicine from India. Trump had asked PM Modi over the phone to supply hydroxychloroquine tablets for the treatment of Coronavirus infected patients. Today, on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump has spoken of taking revenge for lack of supply of medicines.

Let us know that the drug hydroxychloroquine is in the trial phase for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. India is one of the largest manufacturers of hydroxychloroquine, which is used for malaria. Hydroxychloroquine is a decades-old drug for malaria. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) banned the export of this drug on 25 March. However, the DGFT had said that some of its exports could be allowed on a human-by-case basis.

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